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written an extraordinary book about ronald reagan. we will be right back to meet him. >> "white house chronicleis produced"in collaboration with hut, howard university television. >> here is llewellyn king and linda gasparello. >> hello again. thank you for coming along. i promised a remarkable guest. here he is. craig shirley has written a substantial book about the reagan revolution. it is most especially about how ronald reagan gained the presidency. welcome to the broadcast. first names are fine. this is television, terribly informal, sometimes. [laughter] tell me why you did write a book. this is a piece of work. this is not a silly thing. this is hundreds of pages. it is over 400 pages. the whole thing is over 600 pages. >> the original manuscript was 1000 pages longer. that has been edited out. but they kieffer reducing it down. this is enough for us to do with -- thank you for bringing it down. this is enough for us to do with. >> their four important american elections. of the three previous elections, there have been many books written about jefferson verses adams, the ascen
year into his tenure are roughly the same as ronald reagan and bill clinton and jimmy carter's. the two bushes had higher ratings 41 because of the collapse of the soviet union and number 43 because of the rallying effect on the presidency. it is not much worse than his predecessors so it can be corrected. what should he do? obama needs to start acting like a president and, particularly, the president he campaigned to become. for the last six months, barack obama has seemed to be not a president, but a prime minister. he has not outlined a broad vision for the country and put forward grand plans to solve the nation's problems. instead, his white house has been busy slicing and dicing its programs to pick up a congressional vote here and there so utterly involved in the minutia of the legislative process that it has lost sight of the broader public. in the process of making legislation, which bismarck famous leader lost sight of his big ideas. the health care bill was riddled with so many gifts and give aways to special interests from the basic desire to avoid any hard decisions on raini
. thanks very much. in his first state of the union address, president ronald reagan chose optimism in the face of falling poll numbers and rising unemployment. >> i will stand by my word. tonight i'm urging the american people to seize these new opportunities to produce, to save, to invest and together we will make this economy a mighty engine of freedom of hope and prosperity again. >> what can president obama learn from president reagan's example? >>> what do you think about the state of the country? logon to twitter.msnbc.com. follow the link to my twitter page. stay with msnbc tonight for the state of the union address. coverage begins at 8:00 with keith olbermann.  >>> secretary of state hillary clinton will not be among the cabinet members for the front row tonight. she's in london for a summit on the growing threat of al qaeda in yemen. the expanding al qaeda threat in yemen has been linked to both the ft. hood shootings and aborted christmas day bomg. last week the british government raised the threat level, security level in the uk to severe because of the
the same as ronald reagan, bill clinton, jimmy carter's. the two bushes had higher ratings. 41 because of the collapse of the soviet union. and 43, because of 9/11. and the rallying effect that had on the presidency. so obama's situation is not dramatically worse than many of his predecessors which means it can be corrected. but what should he do? i would put it very simply. obama needs to start acting like a president and particularly the president he campaigned to become. for the last six months, barack obama has seemed to be not a president but a prime minister. he's not outline ad broad vision for the country and put forward grand plans to solve the nation's problems. instead his white house has been busy slicing and dicing its programs to pick up a congressional voted here and there and so involved in the minutia of the legislative process that it lost sight of the broader public. and the process of making legislation which was marked famously compared to make sausages, obama lost sight of his big ideas. the health care bill was riddled with so many gifts and giveaways to special
understands their economic anguish. he needed to, as ronald reagan did, remind americans how we got in the mess that we were in. and he needed as well to raledly base, to tell them he wasn't running away from the promises he'd made in 2008. and so i thought he did all of those things. the speech was a little long, but i think it was a good speech under the circumstances. >> warner: reihan salam, he accomplished all that he needed to do? >> i think michael made a very, very good point. when you look at president clinton and his reaction, it was one of humility. it was a recognition that we made serious missteps and we need to pivot, we need to take a new course. and this president in stark contrast said that in fact the last year was wildly successful and that in fact folks at home who are disturbed, who are concerned, who have this populist anger, are, in fact, badly mistaken, they're not giving him an assumption of good faith. in fact, he has been reaching out, he has done exactly everything that he ought to do and that they simply don't understand that and he hasn't explained it a
, right across the top, have been very controversial. ronald reagan, woody allen, hillary clinton. does being a great leader on demand mean that you will be controversial? >> i think that you have to be willing to defy convention. they love over again, which is controversial for some people -- let's take ronald reagan, which is controversial for some people. even though he was staunchly anti-communists, he sat down repeatedly with gorbachev and said let's find out what we have in common. that laid the ground for the end of the cold war. even though he was very much a conservative when it came to government issues, he sat down with a for a meal and found a compromise on social security -- tipper o'neill and found a compromise on social security. nowadays people do not know how to reach across. that is one of obama's's great strength. that is why he was elected president. i wish that people will allow him, sit-down with him on how they can find common ground. tavis: that entire notion of being bipartisan in changing the way of washington are not working out very well at the moment. >> no,
. >> ronald reagan saying we have a deficit not because american people are taxed too little, but because they're government spends too much. >> i want to know you gis talking about this give me where you'd cute well, you don't have to. >> no. no. tell me where you're going to cut government spending. >> i'm going to educate you here in a friendly tone. reagan doubled revenues in eight years. he did it top world marginal rates went from 70% to 28% fchl they can control spending and freeze spending, and stop this crazy stimulus model and go to the reagan model and the jfk model revenues will double. you'll grow your way out of it if we can leave the hannity academy of economics and go to beckel academy of economics. the deficit went up. >> i don't know why the democratic congress wanted to spend it there was a republican senate by the way. >> and i hate to speak ill about the dead. ronald reagan, you think he's the greatest thing since sliced bed. >> even hillary clinton likes what reagan has done. three out of four americans do not like the stimulus package thinking we spent too much money on
that be? i mean if i didn't know ronald reagan was definitely not a progressive, i might say him, because of the coal thing. he would never say to hell with the constitution. who said that? john mccain's favorite president teddy roosevelt. are you seeing it's not about the republicans and the democrats. it's about progressives. there are progressives inside the republican party and inside the democratic party. but it's the democratic party that is about to lose its life to the progressives. and the republic will be next. how about that one? the country that is more developed industrially will only show to the left developed the image of its own future. this sounds good, doesn't it? that sounds good. that's why it's just who i thought. karl marx. executive action is not for the public. in other words, you don't have anything to do with it. they'll tell you. we told you about this guy earlier. walter litman. he's a progressive hero. they teach him a lot in journalism school. and i don't like obscene profits being made anywhere. who said that? john mccain. anti-business. anti-capitalism. ant
. >>> let's take a look at ronald reagan washington national airport where you can see the snow falling out there. it is looking worse than it is now. basically an inch or maybe a little bit more in some of the outlying areas. around town not too bad. most of the roads seem to be pretty good. >>> good morning, everyone, welcome to this early edition of "news4 today," i'm eun yang. >>> good morning, i'm joe krebs. we have a couple of delays to pass to you. montgomery county schools are operating on a two hour delay. grant county in west virginia. those schools are operating on a two hour delay. the excel academy public charter school in d.c. also a two hour delay and the central records complex is operating on unscheduled leave. fairfax county schools are also operating on a two hour delay. we expect more delays and we don't have any cancelations so far but if we get them we'll post them at the bottom of the screen and tell you about them. let's take another look outside. >>> ronald reagan washington national airport, you can see the snow flurries out there. i expect to see more snow on the
with the economy and he will deal with that. >> one year into his presidency, ronald reagan told congress that they need to stay the course. can you hear that from barack obama? >> we will hear that. in this time when ronald reagan was in office, his poll numbers for exactly the same as president obama. bill clinton was actually much lower. these are two presidents that came into power having to deal with a very difficult economy. when ronald reagan came into office, we are one oin one of te worst recessions we had seen. we saw unemployment rate, high interest rates. this economy is very very bad. both of these presidents had to say that we are dealing with the economy. for both reagan and for obama, the economy was not turning around. in fact, we saw one of reagan having problems going well into the next year. we can expect obama to have his polls fall. he needs to tell at the american people that it is a difficult job to deal with the economy. he will turn around, stick with him. >> with regard to the job picture, the president will say it is time for democrats and republicans to bridge
and extension of scott brown there michigan, went to the ronald reagan not our way or the highway approach, but close to it. what do you make of that? >> that is a frustration of the partisan politics. you begin saying you will reach out and in hourous're bashed by the other side with partisan rhetoric, not policy rhetoric. but chris understands it. he has to work with the democratic legislature. they have a state in crisis. those things together make it eminently possible we can tone the rhetoric down and really see some positive action out of the state. >> neil: well, i tell you, governor, any guy who kicks off with chicken wings and pizza is all right in my book. good to talk to you. be well. chris m christie, garden state governor. is scott brown going to prove republicans wrong even more? >> neil: take a look at that. that is a gain today on wall street. betting that scott brown wins and healthcare loses, the dow climbing 115 point settles at 15-month high. the blue chips are up 300 point of the new year. take a look at this. aetna, united healthcare, humana, a few of the stocks with
tacks to increase revenues. -- >> let me quote the sainted ronald reagan we have a deficit not because the american people are taxed too little but because their government spends too much! >> all you guys, give me specifically where you would cut? >> sean: first of all you don't have to. >> forget that tell me where you are going to cut government spending. >> sean: i'm going to educate you here in a friendly tone. reagan doubled revenues in eight years. the rates went from 70 to 28%. if they can control spending and freeze spending and stop this crazy stimulus model and go to the reagan and jfk model revenues will double and you will grow your way out -- [ talking over each other ] >> if we could leave the hannity academy of economics and go to the beckel academy of economics. the other thing you dawg about the deficit went up. there was a republican senate by the way, the fact of the matter is -- [ talking over each other ] >> i hate to speak ill about the dead you guys think he was the greatest thing since sliced bread. >> even hillary clinton likes what reagan has done. two out of
on the table, extend the bush tax cuts and then move to a john f. kennedy/ronald reagan type cross the board type reduction in tax rates. where's the gop, senator? >> i think they'll fully embrace it and lead on it. we're waiting to hear from the president. we believe we ought to cut corporate tax rates and we believe we ought to change the disadvantaged that our corporations have in terms of companies making stuff and having a vat on them instead of we build all that tax cost in and therefore, we're less competitive. no question we ought to extend the bush tax cuts. but the answer to that is to cut spending, larry. you can have tax cuts, but if you don't cut spending what we've done is just delay the pain of the disease. and so we can do both. and this government is so fat, so wasteful, all of the significant employment gains that happened since the government have been inside of the government. >> let me stay with that. that's a great point. i'm seeing all over the blogosphere references to what you said. government unions have increased their jobs in the last year, while private employmen
and practicality. i worked for ronald reagan, and ronald reagan is often described as a highly ideological, very right wing -- ronald reagan was one of the most practicical people i ever met. and the understanding that if you can get half a loaf, it's better than getting nothing. if you can get 60% or 70%, you probably won. you rarely get 100%. i hope that barack obama has that same -- that same capacity to readjust himself in having gone what i regard as too far to the left. >> larry: one other thing, rudy, how do you regard your old foe senator clinton as secretary of state? >> i admire the job she's doing. that's a very difficult job. particularly for somebody who has been -- who has run for president, run against barack obama. i think she's doing a, from what i can tell -- now, i don't know the internals of what goes on there. i think she's doing a good job. i've disagreed with hillary clinton quite often but i have tremendous respect for her. >> larry: always good to see you, rudy. we'll see you in new york. >> thank you, larry. >> larry: mayor rudy giuliani, the former mayor of new york ci
wish for. lot of carterites wanted ronald reagan. >> i want to defend ronald reagan. i have publicly before and i've written before that this is somebody the democrats underestimated in terms of his intelligence, his breath. >> my point entirely. >> grassroot affairs. i see none of that with sarah palin. you interviewed her. if you had interviewed ronald reagan, you would have had a very different set of interviews than what you did when you went up to alaska. >> i wouldn't have been as -- the buck stops with him, the president said, took responsibility. has he turned the corner here and made it very clear that he will not tolerate the kind of mistakes that took place with the christmas day bombing -- thankfully averted, but not because of any action by our intelligence community. >> andrea, i've gone back and forth on this. i actually think that the president did a nice job yesterday. i wish -- i think, really, for credibility sake, he has to fire somebody. and really to show how angry he is, he has to take some steps. you said earlier today about the redskins firing jim zorn. with
. you know, this was jfk's genius, which led to the boom in the 1960s. it was also ronald reagan's genius which led to the boom in the '80s and '90s. and by the way, reagan touted jfk's tax cuts, as does scott brown precisely to bring in independents and democrats to the reagan coalition. now, the ted kennedy democrats opposed his brother's tax cuts much to their political detriment for decades. on the other hand, timid republicans have been shying away from the jfk/reagan economic message to their detriment. scott brown has put this tea party message front and center, back on the front brner and back on the kitchen table. cut taxes, cut spending, across the board tax cuts. should have been president obama's first priority. but obama's ideological stubbornness, his political favoritism and his crony insistence on punishing winners and rewarding losers including what's left of big labor has stopped or prevented the right policies for american economic growth. scott brown has stepped into this vacuum with an incredible message. and listen to this. scott brown, the populist, drives
on the defensive. he is tied with ronald reagan at the same time in his presidency. that brings us to our watercooler qstion of the day. how would you rate the first year of the obama presidency? email us your response to watercooler@wbaltv.com. >> how much time does your time -- your child spend using electronics? we have the result from a new study. >> and evacuation's in virginia. >> here is a live look at traffic. volume starting to build a slightly. more on weather and wow, that's a low price! wow, that's a low price! wow, that's a low price! how many products do we carry? [ man ] 7,000. wow, that's a low price! i'll get him a cart. hot diggity dog! yeah. that's a low price! [ male announcer ] staples has low prices on everything you need for your office. and we mean everything. staples. that was easy. >> welcome back. take a look at hd doppler a pot hd doppler where we are picking up rain showers. take a look at the forecast. a slight chance for a shower this morning. it should be cooler with a high near 44. we will take a look at the seven-day forecast in a few minutes. >> cover
and stabilize the dollar, like ronald reagan go did and we'll get real growth again. >> so forget the freeze. cut fat, that's what we need to do? >> i'm glad steve is right, that obama's freeze is a phony freeze because it's too early to say mission accomplished on fixing the economy. >> that's for sure. >> freezing spending now is as irresponsible as yanking all of our troops out of afghanistan and iraq right now. we -- >> i thought you were being sensible. but you're going the opposite way. >> we need direct grants to small -- >> we're not spending enough, you say? >> absolutely we're not. hang on. >> what do you think? >> oh, my god, there is so much fat marble through the government that could be cut. we have abandoned federal properties sitting out there not being used. that could have been sold at the height of the bubble. look, the reason why his poll ratings are dropping is because the american people are seeing him more and more of this disproving, finger wagging, senior lecturer at the university of chicago and not appealing to the real spirit and optimism of the american people. t
instant replays are something else, respect they? of course, ronald reagan did the same thing in his first state of the union address. remember this? >> to understand the state of the union, we must look not only as where we are and where we're going, but where we've been. the situation at this time last year was truly ominous. >> uh-huh. karl, are you telling me that ronald reagan was weak? president obama went out and told the truth again last night. when he took office last january, let's see, he inherited a recession, two wars and a massive debt that your team left behind, all caused by bush and company. with a strategic help of the trustee my man himself, that's turd blossom, karl rove. pointing out all of that is hypocritical "psychotalk." >>> coming up, dennis kucinich will take the president up on his kind invitation on a better idea on how to reform health care in this country. you won't want to miss it and the republican also their chance to respond, but now it's time to hear from the base you can the democratic base. we will have a guest here to tell butts net roots, how they t
speech writers who have written some of the great speeches. you, for ronald reagan you for ted kennedy and other democrats. shrum, what would your message be? is the era of big government over? is it bill clinton redux or some other theme that the president should be taking to capitol hill tomorrow? >> first we didn't elect him to be a third term of bill clinton. it would be a mistake and doesn't fit him. i agree with pat that a heated populism doesn't fit him. john kennedy went to harvard roosevelt went to harvard. they managed to inspire people and they were pretty cool customers. i do think one thing that's critical for the president tomorrow night in terms of keeping his own democratic base is what he says about health care, house and senate, jim clyburn are pretty close, the leadership, to coming to an agreement and putting improvements in the senate bill and being able to pass the whole package. the president can either advance that or destroy it. i think it's a very critical decision for him. >> what should he be doing? >> let me agree with shrum here. i don'
. >>> i'm joe krebs. it's the 5th day of 2010. 28 degrees at ronald reagan washington national airport. some flurries around the region. >> meteorologist tom kierein is here with the latest on all that and what it means for us. >> means you need to layer up this morning. i hope you got a nice warm wooly sweater for the holiday season because you'll need think it morning. as we look at the radar now we're getting a few flurries showing up and a few passing showers east of washington in prince george's and charles and anne arundel counties. some of those may be enough perhaps for a brief dusting, especially there on the beltway in prince george's county, watch out there could be perhaps a light dusting there that may cause some slick spots because temperatures are well below freezing. whatever is sticking to the ground isn't melting. it's now 28 in washington. wind chills are in the teens. winds gusting around 20 to 25 miles per hour. a blustery and cold day again today as well as tomorrow. maybe a few flurries tomorrow and tonight and light snow on friday morning. jerry, how is the traf
of count him even more charismatic than, say, a ronald reagan who was an actor. and, you know, he was not only a member of the rat pack, but peter love ard, who's on the cover, was in the rat pack and married into the conditionty family -- kennedy family, and it was really considered the first marriage of politics and hollywood. >> i want to go back to sammy davis jr. very quickly because you said that sammy davis jr. was the first african-american to sleep in the white house, correct? >> well, that's correct. nixon rolled out the red carpet in sort of a way to have a little dig at kennedy because he wasn't at kennedy's inaugural. so he invited sammy davis jr. into the white house, set him up at the queen's bedroom and really kind of made it a night to remember. and that became as far as the research that i pulled up at the library in the national archive cans the first if african-american to be a guest at the white house. >> we've got three more here, let's go to the next one. and it's the pretty icon cantic, i think most folks have seen this one. this is richard nixon and elvis
back to ronald reagan's first year in office. both inherited a mess of an economy with reagan dealing with a high unemployment rate and high inflation, but reagan was able to turn things around and was elected in a landslide in 1984. senior political analyst for "time" magazine and co-author of the hot new book "game change." mark, as you know, two major things reagan did. let's talk about the first one and that is essentially taking his message on the road, getting out of washington, going into campaign-style events. what do you see as far as obama drawing that lesson? >> we know barack obama was a big believer in ronald reagan not his agenda but power to transform the country through the office of the presidency and the notion of getting on the road is a big one. reagan, even as a two-term president, was always able to give the country a sense he was not of washington that he was sick of washington. barack obama makes jokes like that. he did it the other day on the road. but i think he needs to convince people particularly when he's done all this to help wall street, when he's done
reagan in his first state of the union. i don't think so because back then the base was with ronald reagan. the base of the conservatives with reagan then. the base of the democrats shaken greatly with obama and his inactivity to get things done. there is an appearance across this country that the democrats haven't done anything for the little guy. it's been all wall street. it's been all bankers. it's still a bunch of outsourcing going on and the president has to address that tonight on the domestic level big time. >> ed, for progressives, is the b biggest problem this disconnect between the president saying as he did last week, for example, with wall street, that he's going to fight. the disconnect between that and the actual actions to fight? so if you want to take it to health care he said over the summer he would fight to get americans health care. you don't see the fight in terms of simply going up to capitol hill right now, for example, and saying, look, this is what we're going to do. we're going to claw, fight tooth and nail to get these priorities through and just hear a l
there and speak to people as he did during the campaign, which i think is something ronald reagan used to feel. >> it's always good to get out, but i think the bottom line is washington isn't any different than a year ago. he had promised to make it different. what is different is the democratic unity is broken. democrat it is themselves are very -- republicans are unified. a years ago we were flat on our tail. today we basically feel our strategy has worked, that we've stood up to them, but more important, they are in disarray, and i think he has to bring them back. >> is it possible for moderate republicans right now, alex, to cooperate with this white house in the second year, given the influence of some of the more conservative elements, especially the radio talk show hosts like rush limbaugh, glenn beck, sarah palin? >> i think it's absolutely possible if the president moves toward the center. if he was the uniting obama that he was during the campaign, when for example he supported pay as you go budgeting, but the worst thing happened in the world he got 66 seats in the senate, a democra
-- that was 1982, that was ronald reagan, andhey lost 26 house seats, and nald reagan won re-ectionarrying 49 states justwo years later. bill clinton, with unemploymen 5.8%, butis own to operating headingut a 37%, the lowe of his presidency, the demoats lost 52 house seats. democrs can take consotion that obamaemains 50% or above, t the key is unemploymen there has toe a sense of commitment and passion, and the result that voters see this administtion is not oy concerned and committed, but dog something about unemployment. unemploynt at 10% in october 2010, i am sing goodnight to an awful lot odemocrats. >> i think oma's problem is not the temperare he admits, but matter of ideology. he announced a bd left-wing agenda at th beginning, health care and c-and-trade, and he forced a l of moderate democrats on cap-a-trade i e house to walk the plank fo m. and also on health care, the reason they wanhealth care done and behind em is because he wants to tack to the center this year and conntrate on the economy and the debt. the healthare debate had two effects -- a, it did wha mar outlined in givg a
of franklin roosevelt in his first year, lbj in 1965 or ronald reagan in 1981. obama last year, or two years ago during the campaign kept on saying, i want to be a transforming president, like roosevelt, like johnson like reagan, and the breadth of the kind of thingses he's done you're absolutely right to talk about them, suggests that's what he's going to be. >> in terms of the challenges he faced, the president talked about, has he been -- almost joked about the fact that nobody could have guessed that iraq would have been a back burner issue for this presidency. >> absolutely. >> can you give us some historical context for what challenges he was handed? >> it's almost unique in the last century, when fdr came in in 1933 we were in a terrible great depression, in terms of foreign policy, the world was fairly quiet. and roosevelt could spend his first term basically concentrating on the economy. if you look at a case for instance where lbj came in in 1963, had to deal with the death of john kennedy, but again the world was relatively quiet, he was able to concentrate on his domestic program
, that was ronald reagan, and ty lost 26 house seats, and rold reagan won re-eltion crying 49 states just t years later. bill clinton, with unemployment at 5.8%, but h own to operating heading o a 37%, the lowestf his presidency, the democrs lost 52 house seats. democratcan take consolaon that obama rains 50% or above, buthe key is unemployment. there has to ba sense of commitment and passion, and the results,hat voters see this administraon is not onl ncerned and committed, but doin something about unemployment. unemployme at 10% in october 2010, i am sayg goodnight to an awful lot of mocrats. >> i think oba's problem is not the temperatu he admits, but a tter ofideology. he announced a bol left-wing agenda at the beginning, health care and capnd-trade, and he forced a lotf moderate democrats on cap-andtrade in thhouse to walk the plank for hi and also on health care, the reason they want alth care done and behind th isecause he wants to tack to the center this year and concerate on the economy and the debt. the health-ce debate had two effects --, it did what mark tlined in givina feeling it to
which i think is going to be incredibly difficult. ronald reagan pulled it off balls he had a democrat congress to run against when he was in the same position that barack obama is now. what's odd for him he's got to figure out how to run against his own democratic congress in some form and run against the institutions of washington. that's what's going to be a difficult challenge. >> peggy, he is also dealing with a republican congress that was more difficult than he even accounted for in terms of not being willing to work with him. that's a reality. >> that's not how republicans in washington see it. they feel that their ideas, say on health care, for instance, their ideas on tort reform, were simply flicked away and never really considered. let me say on the communications thing. the president is often out there talking. his administration is every day, if you want a lot of cable, it's what you see, it's the wallpaper of your life seeing the administration putting its case forward. i think it's the wrong lesson to draw if you think we're not talking enough or we're not talking in th
and they demand an apology. in 1983 ronald reagan wrote -- george h.w. bush said the supreme court decision in roe v. wade should be overturned. two years ago last week george w. bush told the march for life participants inside the white house that he was proud to be standing with you, all life deserves to be protected. how many other politicians have criticized the supreme court's ruling in roe v. wade and how many of us have tried to deny them that right? the supreme court is hardly infallible. it is not invialable. a president has the perfect right to criticize it. so do you, so do i. so did reagan. what is at the heart of this is what's at the heart of the birther movement, fox news and ever more rapidly the entire republican party. they don't want to recognize that this is the president. and they fail to recognize that their opinion on that is utterly irrelevant. where are you?! arghhh... (announcer) dr. scholl's massaging gel insoles give you outrageous comfort, all-day-guaranteed. woah. it's not too far... (announcer) are you gellin'? dr. scholl's. announcer: there's an easier way. create y
about it. you can't keep faking it. >> ronald reagan did not lose his temper often, but people knew where he stood. >> he was passionate. >> what's the difference? >> this is where -- >> with ronald reagan, he would start -- go ahead. >> drew? >> i was going to say, pat, i fully agree with you. this is where i think the real crux of the issue is. which is that, no one really knows where obama stands on virtually anything. because he doesn't express his passion on anything. >> let me stop the music here. i know where he stands. he wants national health insurance. i know where he stands, he's a keynesian trying to put out the real fiscal monetary policy to stop the hell that was breaking loose at the end of the bush administration. i know those things. i know -- i disagree with him about afghanistan. he's somewhere in the middle about afghanistan. he's with me on iraq. it was a mistake. i do know where he stands. >> i agree. i know where he stands. again, about his belief. do you think this is really a war president? we're going to go in and take them out the way petraeus is? mcchryst
free speech threatening supreme court decision and they demand an apology. in 1987 ronald reagan wrote over the first two years of my administration i have closely followed and assisted efforts in congress to reverse the tide of abortion. we continue to work to overturn roe v. wade. george h.w. bush said the supreme court's decision in roe v. wade was wrongly decided and should be overturned. two years ago last week george w. bush told the march for life participants inside the white house that he was proud to be standing with you, all life deserves to be protected. how many other politicians have criticized the supreme court's ruling in roe v. wade? how many of us have tried to deny them that right? the supreme court is hardly infallible. it is not inviolable. the president has the perfect right to criticize it. so do you. so do i. so did reagan. what is at the heart of this is fox news, the tea parties, the entire republican party. they don't want to recognize this is the president. and they fail to recognize that their opinion on that is utterly irrelevant. medication to lower r bad
and that was ronald reagan and i think it for many of the same reasons that president obama is experiencing these drops now and that has to do with the fact that he inherited an incredibly difficult and challenging, both domestic and international agenda. like ronald reagan, he took a stand on various things, he's passed major legislations and in response to that, it is polarized the electorate. i think that these are not a major cause for concern. i think that we will see the fruits of some of these policy decisions in the next couple of years. but i will say that i put him in the ranks of ronald reagan whom i also admire, not in terms of the content of his policy, but in terms of sticking to his guns. >> but it's hard to see what's going to turn it around. i mean, you got a midterm election coming up this year. it's hard to see what's going to turn around. he's got iran coming down the pike that will be very difficult. afghanistan will take a long time. unemployment is going to take a long time. health care is shot. 36% of people think he's handling that well. that's done. even if they pa
into a surplus. >> ronald reagan. >> george bush sr. >> yeah, both wrong again. very sorry. the correct answer is bill clinton. yeah. bill clinton started his term with a deficit. ended it with a budget surplus. so far, you guys are really bad at this. your final chance to redeem yourselves. your pay is not contingent on being good at this. the last question, which modern president nearly tripled the national debt. tricia. >> jimmy carter. >> trick question. barack obama. >> yeah. no. it wasn't a democrat, not even close. it was actually little known fact the 40th president of the united states, legendary fiscal conservative ronald reagan. >> oh. >> so you guys, thank you. appreciate your help here. >> good game. yeah. >> parting gifts. actually, there aren't any. you know, ronald reagan not alone here. if you look at the last 30 plus years, you will see that it is republican presidents. look at this. who have all added more to the national debt than modern republicans. even george h.w. bush grew the national debt by a bigger percentage than president carter. i understand the temptation to try
. nothing comes close. social security, we can probably fix the same way tip o'neill and ronald reagan sat down together and could figure something out. that is manageable. medicare and medicaid, massive problem down the road. that's where -- that's going to be what our children have to worry about. now, paul's approach -- i want to be careful not simplifying this, because i know you've got a lot of detail in your plan. but if i understand it correctly, would say we're going to provide vouchers of some sort for current medicare recipients at the current level. >> no. >> no? >> 55 and above. >> no, i understand. i mean, there's a grandfathering in, but for future beneficiaries, right? that's why i said i didn't want to -- i want to make sure that i'm not being unfair to your proposal, but i want to point out that i've read it, and the basic idea would be that at some point, we hold medicare costs per recipient constant as a way of making sure that that doesn't go way out of whack. and i'm sure there's some details that -- >> inflation and health inflation, the point of our plan -- medicare
. but if you go back to ronald reagan, the person that peggy worked for so effectively, ronald reagan spent a lot of time not lost in the weeds of policy, he made large arguments and made large arguments against the other side. he spent a lot of time saying this all fail liberalism doesn't work. i think what you need from obama in all of the speeches you've given, he has not made a a consistent argument provided a consistent narrative of where i want to move the nation. i think you're beginning to see that in the last few days, and massachusetts it's very strange to say, could turn out to be a blessing if it leads to a course correction ten months before the midterms. the democratics didn't see what was coming in '94. boy, they do this time. >> it's interesting, lou canon who you know the reagan biographer wrote that the conventional wisdom? how this is the unraveling of the obama presidency might be wrong. this could be reagan's first year. this is what he wrote. >> let me tell you what i think is the difference between now and 1982. yes, you have two young new compelling presidents and th
've seen other presidents at in the first year of their presidencies. one was ronald reagan. it is something that the reagan administration -- excuse me, the obama administration loves to talk about. and our next guest, carl cannon, a long-term white house reporter is now at politics daily. his father, lou cannon, has probably written some of the more definitive biographies of ronald reagan. and you tackled this in a column the other day about this sort of parallel between where obama stands here in 2010 and where ronald reagan stood in 1982. tell us about it. >> well, it's funny, chuck. my dad lives in california and i'm his editor. as a contributor to politics daily, we have no awkward moments, because we wrote a book together comparing reagan to bush. i wrote a piece, he was saying i want to do a piece for you. he said, all right, but i have to write a piece today and we'll talk tomorrow. it turns out our pieces complemented each other as though we had talked for hours. i wrote about, my piece was, where do you expect the president to be? she's just dipped below 50% appro
market populism is on the rise. the new-new deal is dead. remember ronald reagan said we the people, president obama said we the government planners. robert reich will debate the weekly standards. matt con nettie. but the government health care takeover will hose rich people. it might also sink the demes in thehmidterm election. and a top senate democrat is retiring. you uh-huh. we'll have the details. and finally the kudlow hotline, i'll take your calls on everything. fasten your seatbelts, the kudlow report begins right now. good evening, i'm larry kudlow. welcome back to the kudlow report where we believe free market capitalism is still the best path to prosperity. tonight, people's money -- sorry. people's money politics message. the lead economic story is google's nexus one super smart phone. it has the right combination of heart wear and software, it uses the an detroit mobile operating system and it will compete with the i phone aiphone and blackbe. it shows that innovation and competition is alive and well. that is so important, it's good for consumer, it's good for b busin
% to zero percent. there is no connection -- >> stuart: i just have to say something. ronald reagan came to power, cut taxes on individuals, stimulus -- >> that's led to the deficit. >> stuart: excuse me. he created an extraordinary boom and unbridled prosperity gains for 25 years. it remains to be seen if president obama can do the same. we're out of time. it was a pleasure. thank you very much. jonathan and mike. >> happy new year. >> stuart: dealing with the hangover today. not from the parties, but from all the holiday debt. we are here to help. >> stuart: first, the holiday spend iing binge. no you wake up with -- now you wake up with new year's day headache. internet sales breaking records. you did your shopping. now you have to start paying. donna rosata from "money" magazine is here to help. i want to put on the screen from the get-go, your plan for dealing with the debt hangover. it's this. assess the damage, stop charging and make a payment plan. that's it? >> it sounds simple. >> stuart: it does. >> here is the action steps you need. assess the damage. figure out how much, don
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